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GHOST Says Its New EP Will Be Mostly Covers And Is Due Out This Fall

No word on who the artists being covered are just yet.

No word on who the artists being covered are just yet.

As seems to be tradition at this point, Ghost will be releasing an EP of mainly covers sometime this fall just as it did with If You Have Ghost in 2013 between records. As the band had previously stated, this EP is a good way for it to revamp its live show a little bit, but to also give you a little taste of where the band will be going for the fourth record.

Here's what A Nameless Ghoul told the podcast No Brown M&Ms (below).

"It's just a good way to… It's a little bit recreational in a way. It's also a good way for us to incorporate elements… I think it was, in a way, more important when we did 'If You Have Ghost', because at that point we just had almost two albums done, and we wanted more different types of seasoning to be put into our dish in order to make it interesting. It's also now… It sort of serves a little bit like… Yeah, if you hear the EP, don't think that, 'Oh, the next album is gonna sound exactly like this,' but that is a good way for us to sneak in elements that are, like, you might hear a synth sound like this on the next record, but not as evident. So where 'If You Have Ghosts' was definitely a new dimension of pop-rock that we hadn't really done before. I mean, it's sort of closer to R.E.M. than it is Black Sabbath. We're not doing the same thing this time, but we're doing something else in order to get people to feel comfortable with [the direction of the next album]."

So I guess we'll get to speculate on album four when this comes out then, and I'd imagine we'll get to hear some of these covers in the band's live show as well. In the meantime, go check out the only known b-side from Meliora which maybe might possibly be on the EP, "Zenith."

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