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First Photo From METALLICA's $20 Million 3D Movie, Through The Never Revealed

We've been cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Metallica 3D theatrical release, Through The Never. We  already know the set list. We know it cost (at least) $20 million dollars to make. We know there will be some weird narrative not related to the live performance, and the plot seems a bit…I don't know.

Today, we got our first production still from the movie.

The band posted the still on Entertainment Weekly and really, what am I looking at? Is there some sort of riot scene in the movie akin to when fans rioted after James Hetfield's face was on fire in the early 90s?

It looks like it's a still from one of the recent Terminator movies, but what do I know?

Through The Never will be released on Sept. 27th on every IMAX screen in the country and then shortly thereafter, nationwide.

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