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DISILLUSION Announces First New Album In 13 Years The Liberation

Posted by on July 11, 2019 at 3:13 pm

Disillusion's last full-length album was Gloria in 2006, and the last time we officially heard from the band was in 2016 with a non-album single "Alea". Now Disillusion has returned via Prophecy Recordings with a new album titled The Liberation, due out September 6. We haven't heard a single from the record just yet, but man does the teaser sound great. Disillusion also compares the new album's flow to Opeth's Watershed, which is an extremely tall order.

"The Liberation is the result of the Herculean creative task to which Andy Schmidt applied himself; spending countless hours of songwriting and recording. It comes 13 years after Gloria but stands with its genuinely enthusiastic, passionate and driven prog metal as the logical stylistic and lyrical successor to Back To Times Of Splendor – but with 15 years of additional life experience on the part of its creator. As an expression of clearance in the literal sense of its title, it is testament to human development. An interplay of fierce metal with moments of both pure euphoria and introspection, the songs take you on the proverbial roller coaster of emotions that you’ve missed – perhaps since Opeth's Watershed."

Fellow Metal Injection writer Lauryn Mercer recently did a great Throwback Thursday to Disillusion's Back To Times Of Splendor, which you should read here.

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