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DEVIN TOWNSEND Gives Update On THE MOTH Symphony About Genitals & Death

"It's this symphony with all these cocks and vaginas and death."

2019-07-27-Heavy-Montreal-Devin Townsend-3

Devin Townsend spoke about his The Moth project for the first time back in 2017. Townsend cited the project as "this symphony with all these cocks and vaginas and death and it’s gotta be so over-the-top, with symphonies and choirs and it’s got to include the best of the best and it’s so fucking expensive!" How fucking expensive, you might ask? $10 million dollars, but that's because it's going to be a big show.

Yeah. It started out as just being a symphony, but then I was like, “I can’t get ten million bucks to just do a symphony.” I needed to make it like a musical, with orchestras and choirs, and if I try and be like, “We’re gonna redo Steinbeck, we’ll do The Grapes Of Wrath” then it’s gonna get lost in a sea of that shit. But if you make it just fucking absurd and a spectacle of fundamentally unsellable items and concepts but with the same production values as The Phantom Of The Opera, I think it’d get people’s attention, right? Ultimately, it sounds like a load of fun; I wanna get a load of buddies together to work on this concept that I think is pretty interesting. I do the Devin Townsend Project and all these rock records, but that’s shit I’ve been doing for twenty years—it keeps the boat floating more than anything else. I’m gonna die whenever, so I just want to make a statement. And it’s about nothing. I haven’t got a point I wanna make—I just wanna have fun.

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Townsend has recently revealed via Twitter that he's working on touring plans, a 5.1 mix of Empath, and then finally he's going to work on The Moth. There's no timetable for this project just yet, but with a description like that, isn't it hard not to wonder exactly what this is going to sound like?

Townsend also gave a brief update on his Ziltoid video game, saying he doesn't really have the inspiration to work on the project at the moment.

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