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DETHKLOK Announce Dethalbum III Details

So much album release news today! Lets add one more to the fire…Dethklok's new album Dethklok III is coming out on October 16th through Williams Street Records. A special deluxe version of the album will also be available and according to the press release it will feature "a 32-minute behind-the-scenes documentary of the making of Dethalbum III, as well as music videos and much more. A vinyl edition of the album with special etching will be released on November 6, 2012." This is exciting news for Dethklok fans everywhere. The series based on the band, Metalocalypse has just concluded season 4, which will be released on DVD on October 30th. For those of you who enjoy meaningless tracklistings, here is what will be on the new Dethalbum: 

1.      I Ejaculate Fire
2.      Crush the Industry
3.      Andromeda
4.      The Galaxy
5.      Starved
6.      Killstardo Abominate
7.      Ghostqueen
8.      Impeach God
9.      Biological Warfare
10.  Skyhunter
11.  The Hammer
12.  Rejoin

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Very exciting indeed.

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