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DAYLIGHT DIES Is Working On Its First New Album In Six Years

Well, there's the best melodeath album of 2018 right there.

Well, there's the best melodeath album of 2018 right there.

Daylight Dies released four albums between 2002 and 2012, all of which were arguably perfect front to back. Daylight Dies just has such a unique grasp on melancholy, melodic death metal that it seems like it's almost impossible for the band to crank out a bad one. Now (soon to be) six years after A Frail Becoming, Daylight Dies has announced they're working on some new tunes and are pretty excited about the results!

The entire band congregated today to collaborate on new music for the first time in years. We began reviewing the many bits and pieces of music we’ve been writing the past couple of years to see where we stand. We were excited to realize we’ve got a significant chunk of strong material to build on towards a new album.

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Barre and Egan are hunkered down in Barre’s studio demoing arrangements right now, and we will all continue to meet for the next two weeks to work on new music, demo and jam. More updates soon.

All I can say is that if Daylight Dies ends up releasing the album in 2018, it's absolutely going to be one of the best albums of the year… because I mean, they're four for four at this point in their career.

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