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DAVID HASSELHOFF Teams Up With MINISTRY Frontman For "Sweet Caroline" Cover

What the hell, man.

David Hasselhoff is no stranger to making some pretty killer and very strange music over the years, and this time around he's going all in. Hasselhoff will release his new album Open Your Eyes on September 27 which will feature appearances from Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen, L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns, and Billy Idol guitar Steve Stevens. Weirdly, the cover Hasselhoff and Jourgensen worked on is Neil Diamond's 1969 hit "Sweet Caroline". So this should be interesting.

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Check out the full tracklist below and uh… get excited about that cover? Maybe?

01. Open Your Eyes (feat. James Williamson)
02. Head On (feat. Elliot Easton)
03. I Melt With You (feat. Steve Stevens)
04. Lips Like Sugar (feat. A Flock Of Seagulls)
05. Heroes (feat. Tyler Bates)
06. Here I Go Again (feat. Tracii Guns)
07. Jump In My Car (feat. Todd Rundgren)
08. Rhinestone Cowboy (feat. Charlie Daniels)
09. If You Could Read My Mind (feat. Ava Cherry)
10. Sugar, Sugar (feat. Steve Cropper)
11. Mit 66 Jahren (feat. Patrick Moraz)
12. Sweet Caroline (feat. Minsitry)
13. That's Life

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