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DARKTHRONE's New Album Is Five Songs, Over 40 Minutes

Doomthrone? Or there's one really long song.


A new Darkthrone album draws nearer by the day, and now we know a little more about it! According to the band, the new album is five songs and either 41 or 42 minutes, meaning all the songs are pretty long or there's one really long song in there.

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For reference, Darkthrone's very heavy metal 2019 album Old Star was six tracks and 38 minutes long. So yeah, maybe expect some Doomthrone this time around.

"Our new full length album will clock in around 41-42 minutes," said the band. "Release date and other information will come as soon as possible, and yes, our album will contain 5 songs. We are eager to share more with you. Thanks for tuning in."

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