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Danny Carey on New TOOL Album: "It'll Be Out In 2018"

Can we take Danny at his word?

Can we take Danny at his word?

Does Tool drummer Danny Carey like playing with our feelings? Maybe.

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But on the most recent edition of The MetalSucks Podcast, which primarily focused on his side project The Legend of the Seagullmen, he did reveal quite an interesting bit about the new Tool album:

My co-host Brandon talked to Justin Chancellor earlier this year. Justin made us feel like Tool would have a new album out in 2018. On a scale of 1-10, how much did Justin lie to us?

Danny Carey: “He did not lie to you. On scale of how much he lied, it would be zero. It’ll be out. It’ll be out in 2018.”

In a separate interview with Loudwire, Carey echoed a similar sentiment:

When pressed if fans can expect a new Tool album in 2018, Carey pushed his chips to the center of the table when stating, "Yes. I’m saying definitely. We’ll probably have it done in the first half [of the year] if things go as planned. There’s setup times and manufacturing – I can never predict all that, it seems like it’s constantly evolving. [What time of year it will be out] I can’t tell you." Since we've been waiting over 4,000 days since 10,000 Days was issued, knowing that there's only a 365 day waiting window upon us, we'll gladly take it.

But is he lying? Perhaps lying isn't the best phrase. I'm sure Danny thinks and hopes the album will be out next year, but will it be finished in time? Tool have said they were 90% done with the album in the summer going to be entering the studio this past autumn, and in the past Carey has he hoped that the band would be releasing the album "pretty soon," and we got our hopes up when we learned Maynard has begun working on vocals, typically the last step before completely. So, maybe he's not lying?

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Meshuggah's drummer Tomas Haake has heard parts of the album and said that it's the "best [he]'s heard of Tool." So, should we be getting excited?

But then, I think back to a few years ago when Carey said there was hope for new Tool in 2013, and we know how that happened.

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