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DAATH Is Recording New Music With One Of The "Top Drummers In Metal Right Now"

Vocalist Sean Zatorsky unveiled quite a few details.


Rumors of Daath reuniting and working on new material have been floating around, mostly due to photos posted by the band on their social media accounts. Now vocalist Sean Zatorsky has revealed a bunch of details about what's going on, and the short story here is that new material is 100% coming.

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In an interview with Rock Talks, Zatorsky said Daath is coming back but not as you remember them. He added that both he and guitarist Eyal Levi are on the new material, that bassist Jeremy Creamer and guitarist Emil Werstler might be if they have time, and that drummer Kevin Talley is not. All we know about the drummer situation is that Daath has recruited one of the "top drummers in metal right now" for the new material.

"Yeah, but not in the current state that you would remember them. Some members have kind of faded unfortunately because everyone is busy doing their own things, but Eyal had already started doing some writing and we started piecing stuff together. I guess [Eyal] and [drummer Kevin Tally] were working and I don't really know what transpired of that, but we do have a drummer."

Zatorsky later mentioned that the new material has some "crazy guests" and that the new stuff has "really good [The Concealers from 2009] kind of vibe." He also revealed the band is working with a "big movie guy in Hollywood" on orchestration for the material. Vocals are slated to be tracked at the end of July with someone who's "worked on a lot of A Day To Remember records" and that the material will be mixed by Jens Bogren (Amorphis, Septicflesh, Ibaraki, etc.) in September. Daath is hoping to release a new EP later this year or early 2023, though Zatorsky also notes the band has "more in the back pocket" for later.

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