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CULT OF LUNA Has Begun Writing A Follow-Up To Its Collaboration Album Mariner

Posted by on December 11, 2017 at 12:56 pm

Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas released their debut collaboration album Mariner in 2016 to pretty much universal acclaim. The artists have since done quite a few shows across the world ever since, though considering Cult Of Luna are in Sweden and Christmas is in New York, full-on tours are super difficult. Cult Of Luna guitarist and vocalist Johannes Persson tells Rolling Stone between the distance and getting "six, seven people in their mid- to late-30s with kids and jobs to be able to go and tour in the first place," doing a tour is pretty much out of the question.

Perhaps more interestingly though is what Persson says at the end of the interview. He talks about doing a follow-up to Mariner, though he doesn't say if Christmas will be involved or not.

Persson, meanwhile, reports that Cult of Luna are beginning to work on ideas for the follow-up to Mariner, and they already have a firm album concept in mind. "The last few records have been this kind of continuous journey from the forest to the sky," he says. "And I know where we're going after this."

And just where, exactly, might that be?

"That remains to be revealed," Persson says cryptically. "But we're writing now. So you'll find out … hopefully."

Personally, I would love to hear Mariner II. The combination of Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas seems to be an unstoppable progressive force, though to be fair Cult Of Luna's non-Christmas albums prior to Mariner (Vertikal and Vertikal II) were great as well.

Look, man. I just want more Cult Of Luna.

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