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CARCASS Confirm New Album Is Coming In 2013

It's really happening.

Late last week, a rumor popped up that Carcass is in the studio with famed British producer Colin Richardson working on their first new album in seventeen years.

It's no longer a rumor, it's a fact. 

Decibel Magazine got the exclusive word from Carcass frontman and bassist Jeff Walker, who confirmed the band is in the studio working on new music. As for their drummer, blaster Daniel Wilding will be behind the kid. Wilding has toured previously with the likes of Behemoth and Kataklysm, and is currently in Trigger The Bloodshed. Walker says he's hopeful that founding drummer Ken Owen will make an appearance on the album as well.  As for vocals, there will be Necroticism style growls on the new album courtesy of guitarist Bill Steer and Walker promises more range for his own vocal performance.

As for why the band decided to record a new album, Walker puts things in perspective:

“Good timing, eh? Twenty-five years we first recorded Reek of Putrefaction. The incentive was off Bill. I’d verbally expressed an interest in doing something but I needed Bill to have the desire and hunger again and that’s exactly what has happened. He recalled watching Dan Wilding play on tour with us in 2008 and something about him struck a chord and he wanted to work with him. There was something about him that kind of reminded him of Ken, on a personal level as much as his playing. We’ve done this recording firstly for ourselves—there’s no label backing even as you read this—in fact me and Bill have spent a small fortune out of our pocket to see this through—it’s more of an artistic/personal statement than anything.”

You can read the whole interview at Decibel. I, for one, am incredibly excited to hear this new album. I'm sure it will absolutely crush.

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