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Brian Welch Says PANTERA Influenced KORN's Debut, Says New Album Will Be "Aggressive"

The new record "just feels like Korn."

The new record "just feels like Korn."

Korn is planning on having a new record out sometime in the relatively near future, and all we've heard thus far is that it's going to be heavy like the band's old stuff.

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According to guitarist Brian "Head" Welch in an interview with Music Radar, the band is still diligently working on the record, though the creation process has been a blast.

“…Nothing satisfies me more than this new record that we’re doing right now, though. It feels like who we are, but it feels like on this record we’re working on now, it feels like we’ve come back to what Korn started out as. There’s a lot of aggression on this new album. We just had fun, we sat down together in a studio and jammed out for six to eight hours a day. We just wrote together in the studio. It feels like we’re at a really great point in our career. It just feels like Korn.”

Heavy Korn sounds like the type of Korn whose record I would buy. So we'll see! Interestingly, Head also touches on the influence of Pantera on the band early on:

“I think the biggest record for Korn that we were listening to around the time that we made our first record was Vulgar Display Of Power by Pantera. That record was so raw, but it was also produced so well. The heavy on that record really sounded heavy.

Then, when Korn made our first album, I liked that it was dry and raw but at the same time I wondered if it didn’t sound as produced as it needed to be because it was so organic. I was worried about that, but then it came out and slowly started doing well.

At that point, I realized that we had created a sound with Ross Robinson that was unique. But still, I had no idea what that record would go on to do.”

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I wonder what the band is listening to now, as it crafts the new record?

[via The PRP]

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