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BORN OF OSIRIS Wrapping Up Recording New Album

The album that was originally planned for 2019.

born of osiris

Born of Osiris released their new album The Simulation in January 2019, which guitarist Lee McKinney said was the first of two records to come.

Then in an interview with our own Riley Rowe after the album came out, McKinney and drummer Cameron Losch said Born of Osiris would be taking a little more time to work on the next one. Especially after the departure of longtime bassist David Darocha.

Cameron: …there’s actually many more songs that were originally going to be included on The Simulation, but we actually ended up splitting it up. As for the other leftover songs that didn't make it on The Simulation, we’ll actually be adding to those for the next release. So people are going to get a longer album and we’re hoping to have that out later this year. We’re very excited for that upcoming album, I think it’ll actually be even better.

Lee: The release date is up in the air though. We have the full eight songs already, that was going to be the 'part two' of The Simulation, but we have decided we might want to write more songs. Nick is our new member of the band and adding a new twist to everything. He joined at the end of The Simulation. The upcoming album could be longer than the first and I think better. It’s possible that it releases this year, but we don’t know the extent of what we’re adding so it could take longer than that.

McKinney has now revealed that Born of Osiris is just about done recording the new album and are hoping to mix it in February.

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