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BLIND GUARDIAN Finishes Mixing Their "Most Intense Album" In A While

It'll be completely done this month.


Blind Guardian has just wrapped up mixing their "most intense" album in a while, according to bassist and vocalist Hansi Kürsch. In an interview with Rock Hard Greece, Kürsch said the band has decided on who will master the album, which he expects to hand in to the record label within the next two weeks.

"It is by far the most intense album we did in a very, very long time. It is, in every measure, a roller-coaster ride. There is a lot of let-your-hair-down stuff — more than I expected. There are some typical surprising Blind Guardian elements," said Kürsch. "I'm just curious to see, really, or to hear what people will think about it. I think it's a very, very strong album. It will surprise a lot of people.

"It is straight-forward in the sense of Blind Guardian, so don't expect a straight-forward album if you compare it to anything else. It's not a straight-forward album at all, but it's very straight-forward for Blind Guardian. It's very aggressive, it's very dark.

"The composing mostly has been accomplished before corona started to happen, but you can feel that there is a lot of anger in the album. It really delivers also very catchy and positive vibes, but there is a very raw energy you will feel."

So prepare yourselves for some new, heavy Blind Guardian hopefully toward the end of this year!

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