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BEHEMOTH Frontman Discusses, And Names, His New Folk Project

It's not called Folk-hemoth.

It's not called Folk-hemoth.

Behemoth's Nergal has been showing off his new folk project for quite some time now, and all the teasers we've seen have been, at the very least, interesting. Even the music video has a very distinct "Nergal" brand on it, with its use of fire and generally Satanic imagery… even though it's folk. Not to say that guys like King Dude haven't done that, but the whole "folksy evil" thing is just fantastic.

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Despite all this, we haven't really known much else about the project. Thanks to The PRP's transcription of Nergal's appearance on The Strombo Show, we now know that it's called Me And That Man and will be out on Nuclear Blast later this year.

“I’m putting final touches to a solo album now. Its country blues, like very rootish kind of stuff. Its almost done. We are mixing as we speak and it should be out on Nuclear Blast later this year. Just cool. Its nothing, not metal at all. It is all very guitar oriented and stripped down, simple, semi-acoustic, some electric, some blues and some country and its cool. I sing there too, use my regular voice, which is a new thing for me as well.

I remember a year ago, I would be fucking scared to just use my voice other than just screaming. I’m a screamer. I had to open up to that and start to develop, not that I’m a singer, I’d offend singers if I said that, but I just use my voice. I tell the stories using my regular voice. I just use some extra notes here and there and that is how music is made. I’m totally relaxed, when it comes to that. It’s cool.

I was scared as fuck because its me and the other guy, John [Porter] who is 66-years-old, he could’ve been my father and he was like: “Yeah, just fucking sing!” Wait, I need to tune my guitar. I loved that experience. He encouraged me to fucking go for it, without thinking. I’m a thinker. If you tame that, if you let your body, intuition just come out, you know, you may achieve something much greater than your brain tells you what to do.

What comes out is this music and I’m very happy of it, very proud of it actually. This is it! Then we’ll be releasing a bunch of videos too. The band is called Me And That Man… He’s going the finish, going to be quite the opposite. Its both of us, so we’re doing this.”

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So let's see what a stripped-down-to-acoustic Nergal sounds like! The clips so far have looked like they were a full band, but maybe they're either guests or just fill-ins to round out the rest of the band (and not have just the duo in a music video).

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