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BEHEMOTH Aiming To Put Out New Music This Year

"I mean, I'm writing. I've got ideas."


Behemoth released their latest record Opvs Contra Natvram in September 2022 and frontman Nergal is already plotting more new material. According to Nergal in an interview with Everblack, Behemoth should be in the studio sometime this year recording "an EP or something."

"[Opvs Contra Natvram is] a new record, it's a fresh record, of course, but for me it's not new anymore," said Nergal. "I mean, the [songs] are, like, what? Two, three years old. And I've got a bunch of ideas for future endeavors. Just don't be surprised if you see or read that Behemoth is in the studio sooner than later.

"I'm sure next year we'll be just doing something. I don't know. Maybe something smaller; maybe an EP or something. I mean, I'm writing. I've got ideas. I don't wanna stop. I have my moments that I get burnt out and I get bored and shit; there's tons of things going, and the overall vibe in the world is fucking — let's put it mildly — weird… But I don't wanna stop."

Behemoth released two EPs between 2018's I Loved You At Your Darkest and 2022's Opvs Contra NatvramO Pentagram Ignis in 2019 featuring the title track and some live cuts, and A Forest in 2020 featuring a cover of The Cure's "A Forest" plus two unreleased songs from the I Loved You At Your Darkest sessions.

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