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AUGUST BURNS RED Working On More Dynamic Record

Maybe not out this year.

Maybe not out this year.

August Burns Red is currently out on the road playing their album Constellations in full for its tenth birthday. The band is on tour until August 11, and then again from October 11 to December 7. Somehow in the midst of all this touring, August Burns Red is still going to crank out a new record.

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According to vocalist Jake Luhrs in an interview with 96.7 KCAL-FM program Wired In The Empire, the band is working on new material that is still "real aggressive and heavy," but definitely more dynamic than you've heard them before. Given their touring schedule, I'd assume this new album won't be out until 2020.

"We've been working pretty hard on writing. [We're] definitely excited about the direction and the growth that August Burns Red is going. We're going to still keep it real aggressive and heavy, but I think there's a lot of cool, different dynamics… The direction that the band is going as far as the songwriters is really kind of cool, and I think it's going to be a little bit more [focused on] the ability to digest the music — not saying that it's going to get any more simplified per se, but it's going to be easier for the listener to really grasp what's going on. A lot of times on previous albums, we've decided to go off to a place where it's very progressive or really outside the box. We've played with that a little bit, and it's really cool, because if you listen to all the albums — I'm sure every artist says this — they're not the same… This record, you can see the growth and you can see the changes. I think it's really important for us to continue to do that. We don't want to write the same record. We don't want to stop being artists. This record's definitely going to prove and show that, for sure."

Stream August Burns Red's remixed version of Constellations below, which features a new ending in the form of "Oceans Of Apathy (Reprise)".

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