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August Burns Red

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Music Videos

"The perfect soundtrack for inadvertently foiling a robbery."

Music Videos

August Burns Red is kicking off 2021 strong with a brand new song called "Standing in the Storm". The single is out now via...

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Latest August Burns Red Reviews


"Despite not taking many steps out of the band's own carefully crafted comfort zone, Death Below is a tree-trunk solid addition to the August...


Hard to believe its been 15 years since August Burns Red released Thrill Seeker. Once the young frontrunners of metalcore, they’ve matured into one...

At The Movies

Extol is a band that needs no introduction. They've always been at the forefront of forward-thinking, truly progressive metal, and each of their albums are...

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Latest August Burns Red Live Footage

Live Footage

About 80 minutes of fantastic August Burns Red footage!

Live Footage

Featuring Silverstein singer Shane Told.

Live Footage

Killswitch Engage's now-postponed tour with August Burns Red and Light The Torch would offer longtime KSE fans quite a treat: Howard Jones rejoining Killswitch...

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