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ANTHRAX Hopes To Be Done Recording Their New Album By Christmas

"Maybe not mixed, but certainly all recorded by Christmas."

Scott Ian Anthrax

Seven years ago, Anthrax released For All Kings. Now seven years later and many of us are eagerly awaiting the new Anthrax album. All we know so far is that they have been working in the studio with producer Jay Ruston, who they've recorded everything from 2011's Worship Music onward with.

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During an interview by Trunk Nation, Anthrax's guitarist Scott Ian spoke about the progress of the new album: "We had a session here in L.A., Charlie, Frankie and I tracked nine songs. I finished the guitars on those right before we went to New York, sometime in June, something like that. Frankie is currently in L.A. tracking bass on those songs… I’m going to the studio on Friday, since I’ve had time, like a month to live with my guitar tracks, I’ve heard lots of things that I think are very cool to add, so I’m going in Friday to spend a day doing some overdubs. Donais is already working on solos back East at his home studio and I am working on lyrics. So I think we’re well into it, let’s put it that way."

"There's gonna be another recording session, October, maybe November. Charlie's got these two windows to get in because we have another four or five that we wanna track. And we're hoping that if things, I'd like to think that by Christmas or New Year's we'll have most of this wrapped up. Maybe not mixed, but certainly all recorded by then."

"… Joey doesn't take him very long. Once he kinda wraps his head around it and kinda runs it through his filter, he's a fast worker. So once he starts it doesn't take long. I think it's more the onus on me of being happy with the lyrics I'm writing. I actually had three or four songs written months ago, and then I revisited them like a month ago and I threw them all in the garbage. I was just like 'this is crap,' but I'm in a much better place with that now."

On my end, I hope the band is all happy with the end result so we can enjoy a new Anthrax album by the beginning of 2024. The world needs it.

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