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Trend Alert: Black-Bottom Pools Are Here To Kick Off Goth Boy Summer

Photo: Sarah Morris

I've really gotten into swimming during the pandemic. It's meditative and great cardio. I've lost like 15 pounds! Anyway, this is all irrelevant because I've been seeing a new trend on social media. Black-bottom pools! And they're metal as fuck.

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I first came across this post on my feed, which went viral, announcing "Believe it or not, black bottom pools are becoming a new trend!" Look at this! It's metal, it's goth. And it cools you down. What more could you want?[0]=AZXEWdF0NxaAP7ZFlPpDfWVDAzmeJtAzZ_9PmWl15mJtSJGhgGamlbnrJvpgL1Bobi5jdgo-c1Y81GesC-bAamTGZqqbt9-Fi4cgAPiCc8xareEUaH2HUW7tD_D-wzcpIhGK3MtCMYltVfiKdnRadO5RZORvlpezQnzUg0lnS1ygmw&tn=%2CO%2CP-y-R

According to River Pools and Spas, "Your swimming pool's color is a major decision as it can last around ten years or even the entire pool's lifespan, depending on the pool type. (Fiberglass surfaces can last 20 years and longer, concrete surfaces typically last about 10 to 15 years, and vinyl liners need to be replaced about every 5 to 9 years.)"

They note that "It might look like you can't see the bottom of the pool, which can be worrisome if you have small children or pets. Despite how it looks from this angle, in real life you'll still have full visibility of the entire pool, which is a crucial safety feature to consider no matter the age group of the swimmers."

If I ever get a house and can afford to build a pool, you bet your ass it's going to be the blackest black that ever blacked.

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Here are some more photos. Would you get a black-bottomed pool?

[Thanks for the tip, Dan T.]

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