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Metal Injection's Complete Guide To Metal at SXSW 2011 [UPDATED]

Metal Injection's Complete Guide To Metal at SXSW 2011 [UPDATED]South by Southwest is just over two weeks away and I'm pumped. This year, perhaps more than any year before it, there is an endless amount of metal shows going on each day. Metal is definitely very well represented this year at SXSW, and we will be there to cover it to the best of our abilities. We are even sponsoring a few shows! We have just updated this list to reflect recent announcements. If you can't make it to SXSW, come back March 16th – 20th for ongoing liveblogs from the event:

Metal Injection's Complete Guide To Metal at SXSW 2011 [UPDATED]
On Wednesday, we are sponsoring the Sumerian showcase featuring three bands we can't shutup about: The Faceless, Veil of Maya and Animals As Leaders. Upon A Burning Body will be kicking off the event with a bang (or a bass drop)

Metal Injection's Complete Guide To Metal at SXSW 2011 [UPDATED]
On Thursday, it's Full Metal Texas, the annual day-long event which always features killer acts. The entire lineup is finalized with performances from THEE RED CHORD ALL PIGS MUST DIE, BETTER LEFT UNSAID, ELYSION FIELDS, GOES CUBE, HULL, KVELERTAK, RWAKE, THE WORD ALIVE, TRAP THEM, UPON A BURNING BODY.

Metal Injection's Complete Guide To Metal at SXSW 2011 [UPDATED]
Also on Thursday, just announced is WSOU's killer showcase featuring the debut performance of T.R.A.M., who we just wrote about, The Faceless, Meek Is Murder, Ultragiest, Death on Two Wheels and Beta Wolf.

Metal Injection's Complete Guide To Metal at SXSW 2011 [UPDATED]

Friday is going to e ridiculous, with New England Metal Fest Does Austin crashing the party, with performances from The Acacia Strain, The Red Chord, Gaza, Trap Them, Within the Ruins, The Funeral Pyre and more.

Metal Injection's Complete Guide To Metal at SXSW 2011 [UPDATED]

Also, our very good friends at MetalSucks will be hosting a day party that Frank's band, Meek Is Murder is playing, along with MI super-favorites Wormrot and Kvelertak.

As if that wasn't enough, here is a full roundup of all the metal happenings over the four days of SXSW Music Fest, as cultivated by keepitwolfson in our SXSW thread in the forum:

Wednesday, March 16th:

Sumerian Records SXSW Showcase
Venue: Habana Bar Backyard
Time: 7pm
Upon a Burning Body – 1am
The Faceless – 12am
Veil Of Maya – 11pm
Animals As Leaders – 10pm
Structures – 9pm

SXSW Official Showcase
Venue: Emo's Annex
Time: 6:30pm
Horse the Band – 1am
Dawn of Ashes – 11:05pm
For The Fallen Dreams – 10pm
We Are Defiance – 9:15pm
Beta Wolf – 7:40pm
Hell & Lula – 7pm

Housecore Records SXSW Showcase
Venue: Emo's
Time: 7:30pm
Arson Anthem – 1am
Warbeast – 12am
haarp – 11pm
Ponykiller – 10pm
Skrew – 9pm
skatenigs – 8pm

Thrasher Magazine SXSW Showcase
Venue: Scoot Inn
Time: TBA
more TBA

Scoot Inn Outside Stage
5:00pm – KEN Mode
4:00pm – All Pigs Must Die
3:00pm – Rwake
2:00pm – Dark Castle
1:00pm – Dixie Witch

Scoot Inn Inside Stage
4:30pm – Easy Action
3:30pm – Gay For Johnny Depp
2:30pm – Suplecs
1:30pm – Lo Pan

Thursday, March 17

Nanotear SXSW Showcase
Venue: Barbarella Patio
Time: 6:30pm
YOB – 1am
Agalloch – 11:45pm
Witch Mountain – 10:50pm
Worm Ouroboros – 10pm
Amber Asylum – 9pm
Arabrot – 8:15pm
Wizard Rifle – 7:30pm

WSOU 89.5FM's showcase
Venue 222 (222 E. 6th St. in Austin, TX)
Start Time: 1pm
The Faceless,
Meek Is Murder,
Death On Two Wheels
Beta Wolf.

Full Metal Texas feat. BrooklynVegan Stage
Venue: Emo's
Time: 12noon-6pm

The Red Chord 5:10pm
The Word Alive 4:10pm
Upon A Burning Body 3:15pm
Letlive 2:30pm
Elysion Fields 1:45pm
Better Left Unsaid 1:00pm
Contest Winner from Roadrunner Records' SignMeTo 12:15pm

Yob (first Austin performance in over 5 years) 5:00
Trap Them 4:05pm
Hull 3:10pm
Kvelertak 2:20pm
Rwake 1:35pm
All Pigs Must Die 12:50pm
Goes Cube 12:05pm

The End Records SXSW Showcase
Venue: The Ale House
Time: 7pm
Daniel Lioneye – 12am
Goes Cube – 11pm
Novembers Doom – 10pm
Hull – 9pm
braveyoung – 8pm

SXSW Showcase
Venue: Valhalla
Time: 7pm
Zoroaster – 1am
True Widow – 12am
Christian Mistress – 11pm
Davana – 10pm
Rwake – 8pm

SXSW Showcase
Venue: Prague
Time: 7pm
Evergreen Terrace – 1am
Kvelertak – 12:05am
Rolo Tomassi – 10:15pm
Swords of Chaos – 9:20pm
Overflow – 7:30pm

Pantheon Agency SXSW Showcase
Venue: Emo's Annex
Time: 7pm
Asking Alexandria – 1am
Emmure – 12pm
I See Stars – 11pm
For The Fallen Dreams – 10pm

Heavy Metal Parking Lot
Venue: TBA
Time: TBA
more TBA

Scoot Inn. Outside Stage
5:00pm – Trash Talk
4:00pm – Weedeater
3:00pm – Zoroaster
2:00pm – Liturgy
1:00pm – The Body

Scoot Inn. Inside Stage
4:30pm – Jeff The Brotherhood
3:30pm – Hunx & His Punx
2:30pm – DeathSet
1:30pm – Flight
1:20am – Hieroglyphics

Friday, March 18th

New England Metal & Hardcore Fest Does Austin Day Party
Venue: Emo's Annex
Time: 12noon-6pm
The Acacia Strain – 5:10-5:40
The Red Chord – 4:30-5:00
Trap Them – 3:50-4:20
Our Last Night – 3:10-3:40
Within the Ruins – 2:40-3:00
Gaza – 2:10-2:30
Bison BC – 1:40-2:00
The Funeral Pyre – 1:10-1:30
Across the Sun – 12:40-1:00
Armor for the Broken – 12:10-12:30

South by South Death presented by
Venue: Headhunters
Time: 2pm
Red Fang
Meek Is Murder
with Ray Mazzola of Full Blown Chaos MCing the event

Noon -7pm
KEN Mode
Kill The Client
Owen Hart

Metalliance Tour at SXSW
Venue: Dirty Dog
Time: 6pm
Helmet – 1:15am
St. Vitus – 12:20am
Crowbar – 11:20pm
Kylesa – 10:20pm
Weedeater – 9:30pm
Red Fang – 8:45pm
Howl – 8:10pm
Atlas Moth – 7:35pm
Witchburn – 7pm

Scoot Inn. – Santos Party House w/ Andrew WK
Outside Stage
3:30pm – Odd Future
2:30pm – Das Racist
1:30pm – Killer Mike
12:30pm – Danny Brown

Inside Stage
5:00pm – Pentagram
4:00pm – Green & Wood
3:00pm – Sweet Apple
2:00pm- Fang Island
1:00pm – Balance and Composure

Saturday, March 19th

SXSW Showcase
Venue: Scoot Inn
Time: TBA

BrooklynVegan Party
Venue: Lovejoys
Time: 12noon
The Body
more TBA

Profound Lore SXSW Showcase
Venue: Valhalla
Time: 6pm
Slough Feg – 1am
KEN mode – 12am
Grayceon – 11pm
Castevet – 10pm
Wolvhammer – 9pm
Bruce Lamont – 8pm

Scoot Inn. Outside Stage
5:00pm – Trap Them
4:00pm – Night Horse
3:00pm – Lecherous Gaze
2:00pm – Naam
1:00pm – True Widow

Scoot Inn. Inside Stage
4:30pm – Danava
3:30pm – Eagle Twin
2:30pm – The Main Street Gospel
1:30pm – Buffalo Killers

Scoot Inn. Official SXSW Saturday Night
True Till Def – Shinebox Recordings, Chronic Youth and Tee Pee Records
8:00pm – Cough
9:00pm – Primitive Weapons
10:00pm – Ancient VVisdom
11:00pm – Naam
12:00am – eyehategod
1:00am – Pentagram

If we are missing any shows, let us know in the comments. We'll try to keep updating this thread when more shows get announced.

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