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A Metal Injection Guide to SXSW 2017

With the continued – and intentional – contraction of SXSW in 2017, an effort between SXSW, the business entity, and the city of Austin to scale back the number of event permits issued, the genre of heavy metal has taken its biggest hit yet… well, at least since the mid-2000's or so, prior to which there wasn't shit for metal up until then anyway. Barring some future re-engagement with metal promoters on behalf of SXSW organizers in the future, it looks like the presence of metal at the festival will turn out to be a brief aberration in the long history of South By, roughly spanning the years 2005-2015 before a return to the status quo.

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Make no mistake, there is still an abundance of indie rock, electronic, Americana and hip hop, but if your tastes run toward the heavy stuff almost exclusively there is less reason than ever to travel to SXSW this year. However, if you're already going to be here by hook or by crook below is a mini-guide for what little you can expect out of our chosen genre for 2017. Tighten your belts, bitches.


[UPDATE: 3/10]

Y'know, it never fails. As soon as I post my guide the good shit starts to actually roll in. It's like washing your car right before the clouds burst. Anyway, impossible-to-get-into Mastodon show aside they just announced the most momentous metal gig yet:


A Metal Injection Guide to SXSW 2017

Skull of the person close-up on a black background.

Friday, March 17 – Saturday, March 18 @ Town Square HQ (3rd and Trinity)

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Loudwire x CLRVYNT Presents
@ Townsquare HQ – FREE TO THE PUBLIC
310 E. 3rd St. (3rd and Trinity)

Friday, March 17 – Loudwire x CLRVYNT Presents Party Smasher Inc.

6 PM – Doors open
7 PM – God Mother (only area appearance)
8 PM – Primitive Weapons (only area appearance)
9 PM – Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, featuring members of Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Alice in Chains, Mars Volta and Dethklok (first US appearance ever)
+ Special Loudwire & CLRVYNT DJs

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Saturday, March 18 – Loudwire x CLRVYNT Presents
3 PM – Doors open
5 PM – Fister
6 PM – Ringworm
7 PM – Thou
8 PM – Pig Destroyer (only area appearance)
9 PM – Power Trip (only festival appearance)
+ Special Loudwire & CLRVYNT DJs


Thursday, March 16 @ Grizzly Hall



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TOMBS 11:00pm


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Thursday, March 16 – Sunday, March 19 @ Lost Well

The Lost Well, Worshiper Cabinets and the people that bring you Southwest Terror Fest are proud to present to you the very first Austin Terror Fest.


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2:00 – Glassing
3:00 – Communion
4:00 – Great Electric Quest
5:00 – King Buffalo
6:00 – Demon Lung

8:00 – BLK OPS
9:00 – Crankbait
10:00 – Aseethe
11:00 – North
12:00 – Pinkish Black


2:00 – Illustrations
3:00 – Recluse
4:00 – Cleric
5:00 – Koza
6:00 – Weak Flesh

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9:00 – Call Of The Void
10:00 – Genocide Pact
11:00 – Sex Prisoner
12:00 – PLF


2:00 – Thunderkief
3:00 – Mountain Of Smoke
4:00 – Tyrannosorceress
5:00 – The Ditch And The Delta
6:00 – Rozamov

8:00 – Barghest
9:00 – Fister
10:00 – Dead To A Dying World
11:00 – -(16)-
12:00 – Thou

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2:00 – Bridge Farmers
3:00 – Ecstatic Vision
4:00 – Amigo The Devil
5:00 – Nate Hall
6:00 – Unstoppable Death Machines

6:30 – Terror Fest Death Match featuring Masada vs. The Hipster Hearthrob Casanova Valentine

8:00 – Tight Fright
9:00 – ASS
10:00 – Widower
11:00 – Tolar
12:00 – Iron Reagan

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With special appearences throughout the weekend from Amigo The Devil.




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Friday, March 17 @ Grizzly Hall

Set times to be announced. Doors @ 7 PM

King Buffalo

Le Matos

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Dead Meadow

Carpenter Brut



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Spin Evening Showcase: Friday, March 17 @ Empire Control Room

Mastodon: 12 AM

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