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KISS Seems To Be Teasing an Antarctica Show

Photo by Wes Orshoski

Metallica was the first-ever band to play in Antarctica, and it seems like maybe Kiss might be the second? In an interview with 95.5 KLOS, Kiss vocalist and bassist gene Simmons hinted that the band might be plotting an Antarctica show. Simmons' exact words were that the band is planning a show. in "one place that's the coldest place on earth", which is… yeah, Antarctica.

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Simmons also said the band is planning on using pyro at that show, which isn't surprising given Kiss' penchant for an insane amount of pyro.

"The answer is yes. We've already booked Europe outdoors. Most of the shows have already sold out. We start in summer. The vaccines are gonna be out there for everybody, oh, by January, February, March at the latest, but we're gonna be out there a few months after that. And we've literally got a hundred and fifty cities booked."

We're gonna continue this tour, which we stopped after doing a hundred and ten cities. We've got another hundred and fifty cities to go, and who knows how long, but some of the later ones are gonna be jaw-dropping. You can't imagine what we've got planned — like, beyond… I said, 'No. We can really do that?' They said, 'Yup. Yup.' The political people said we can play there. And so there's gonna be stuff that's just gonna make you go, 'That's the coolest.'

"There's one place that's the coldest place on earth, and if you can imagine us playing there with even larger pyro than you've ever seen, 'cause there's nothing around there. But that's all I'll say about it."

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The only thing we know about Kiss tour dates right now is that they're kicking off in August 2021.

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