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ATHEIST, PESTILENCE, MAYHEM & three more bands confirmed for Maryland Death Fest '09

more bands soon

To reiterate: HOLY FUCK! One of the best lineups I've ever seen, and they're sure to add at least a dozen more bands over the next few months. I swear, every Maryland Death Fest is better than the last. The fest has been grinding away since 2003, and I had the pleasure of having my guts punched in and face ripped off at the 2007 & 2008 editions. This year had Anaal Nathrakh, Nuclear Assault, Grave, Hellnation, Disfear, Coffins, Blood Duster, and Macabre; the year before featured the likes of Extreme Noise Terror, Zyklon, Ghoul, Cripple Bastards, Misery Index, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation (best all-female Japanese grind band ever) and tons more. This year? Man oh man, this year…well, read for yourself. So far, Ryan and Evan (i.e. the dudes who plan this madness) have confirmed the following bands for MDF VII:

PESTILENCE – Netherlands (!!!!)
MAYHEM – Norway (one of only three US shows! if they don't play "Chainsaw Gutsfuck," someone's gettin' smacked)
ATHEIST – Florida (!!!!!)
ASPHYX – Netherlands (words can't express how much this band rules)
BRUTAL TRUTH – New York (grindgrindgrind)
ABSCESS – California (yessssss)
HAIL OF BULLETS – Netherlands (old school death done right)
TODAY IS THE DAY – Tennessee (strange. very strange)
PHOBIA – California (LOUD, PROUD, AND PUNK AS FUCK! this band destroys all. poser-stomping glory)
FLESH PARADE – Louisiana (YES)
JIG-AI – Czech Republic
GNOSTIC – Georgia
MAN MUST DIE – Scotland
TRIAC – Maryland (HELL yeah)

And many more to come! Now, we all know that half of these bands might drop off in the nine months 'til the fest (considering the recurring trend that MDf's been plagued with since its inception), but goddamn is that list a beautiful sight. There's a good mix of old-school death, tech death, gore, and grind so far, with Mayhem playing the wild card. They definitely need to bring the splatterthrash and add Ghoul (come on, you KNOW they're gonna play this, just like they do every year). I'm hoping that they'll add in some more powerviolence/crusty stuff (psst, bring back Skitsystem!); I know Hellbastard's supposed to tour this spring, so I'll be crossing my fingers for that. Also, more old-school death and black metal, please!

No matter which way you slice, dice, or hack it with a chainsaw, Maryland Death Fest '09 is going to rule just as hard, if not way fucking harder than it has in previous years. It ain't called "North America's Biggest Heavy Metal Party of the Year" for nothin'! Anyone who's witnessed the crusty fights, blow-up dolls, chicken suits, fake (and real) blood, endless circle pits, Creepsylvanians, and 24-hour-blastbeat-a-thons set against the seedy Red Light background of downtown Baltimore knows what I'm talking about.

MDF VII is being held at Sonar in Baltimore, MD, May 22 – 24, 2009. No word on pricing or running order yet, but we'll keep ya posted. Check out MDF's official forum here.

Be there or you're officially fired from metal. Forever.

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