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Akercocke – Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone

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Akercocke CDWhen I first listened to this album, I didn't like it. What the hell was wrong with me? I guess it's because I love their previous release, Cronozon so much and my opinion was bias because I heard they had members leave and whatnot.

But after a few more listens, I realized this is one of the year's best albums. Words That Go Unspoken… pretty much picks up where Cronozon left us. All the trademark stylings of Akercocke are there: demonic tremolo picked black metal esque riffing, brutal death metal runs, amazing drumming and yes the clean passages.

My only beef is there are way too many clean parts in between the faster riffs. It's like they're on a nice pace, then they slow it down for way to long before picking up again. Too much down time and not enough relentlessness! Also, this album has very few solos. There might be 5 solos in all… not cool! I enjoy the solos in this album very much but it just dosent satisfy me.

Even with the lack of solos, I still enjoy this album and all of Alercocke's albums all the same. So with that said I'm glad the line up change hasn't hindered the bands ability to kick ass and if this album dosen't prove it then I dont know what will. Pick this album up already!

01 – Verdelet
02 – Seduced
03 – Shelter From The Sand
04 – Eyes Of Dawn
05 – Abadonna, Dying In The Sun
06 – Words That Go Unspoken
07 – Intractable
08 – Seraphs And Silence
09 – The Penance
10 – Lex Talionis

Originally Posted by Nick on Saturday, November 5 2005

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