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This Is Just A Tribute

Metal Musicians Pay Tribute to METAL CHURCH's Mike Howe, Who Died Yesterday

Photo: Wes Orshoski

The rock and metal world were shocked to learn yesterday (July 26th), that Metal Church vocalist Mike Howe passed away at the age of 55.

As of right now, no cause of death has been disclosed but Howe's influence of the metal world was quickly apparent. Many friends and fans paid tribute to the iconic vocalist. Here is a collection of some of the tributes.[0]=AZV-Tq5s-2l6VCQfNJISBfzkoo1cw3baePLgfgMqEuKo7lShs7J8yDpq-mdbk3Hq8jjKydH_-PJMwFeHalJU_SZr98l_Czy8o51v1PqfPk4lT-fDmDymGYp4VKF_FrKEIy0&tn=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZX8kRSeJcfo1ldcYsLq9E3NtHoHhLaNvdclisGG_jncZ7dBRMr1qnr-TIrXsG4EOIbk6ezHkqWkt2Ks4cEciXHhklgWw_jJ0VL76e7Mfog8AvsuD0mkbyT4t-Ze06Pye4E&tn=%2CO%2CP-R
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