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#TBT: HEAVENLY's Dust to Dust is a Chef-D'oeuvre for the Power Metal Genre


Welcome to Throwback Thursday! This is the place where we get to indulge in nostalgia and wax poetic about excellent metal of years past. Today's 91st TBT takes steps deep into the echoing, chambered halls that reside in the fantastic castles of the power metal genre. The tour de force upon which our focus lies today is the French group Heavenly. Since their latest release, Carpe Diem, It's been about a decade since these Parisian pioneers were active. No longer in the spotlight, Heavenly left with us with a a mere 5-album catalog of power metal selections. One album in particular stands a head taller than the rest, leaving Heavenly with a outstanding legacy for modern bands to contend with.

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HEAVENLY'S Dust to Dust 

#TBT: HEAVENLY's <em>Dust to Dust</em> is a Chef-D'oeuvre for the Power Metal Genre" width="599" height="590" srcset=" 599w,×295.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 599px) 100vw, 599px" />
<p><strong>Release Date: January 2004</strong>
<p><strong>Record Label: Noise/Sanctuary</strong>
<p><em>Dust to Dust</em> is a uniquely stylistic piece of vampiric-inspired metal. Laced with the syrup-y charms of power metal, <em>Dust to Dust</em>'s sing-song vocals, back-up choruses and bell-laden soundscapes will satiate those hungry for over-the-top antics. In terms of album highlights, the strongest element that<em> Dust to Dust</em> has going is highly thoughtful song construction. While <em>Dust to Dust</em> lands no where near the fan favorite pick (<em>Virus</em>), <em>Dust to Dust</em> escapes monotony and embraces lengthier track times in which melodies are thoroughly explored, then brought to natural and satisfying conclusions. It is for this reason that D<em>ust to Dust</em> has earned a title oft bestowed here on Throwback Thursday: the appellation of 'under appreciated gem'.<div class=Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.

Dust to Dust leans heavily on a choral vocals, Baroque-inspired keyboard tone, and classically-influenced guitar to build a lofty and near-gospel character.

This unique character sets Dust to Dust apart from Virus, an album mastered for a far more radio-friendly aesthetic. Frankly, it's the lack of modern polish that makes Dust to Dust such a unique listen. Dust to Dust is an unapologetic foray into escapist, thematic, dramatic power metal. Benjamin Sotto, Heavenly's vocalist, hits wild, stylistic highs King Diamond would be proud of.

The best track on the album is by far the second selection,"Evil":

Embracing a sonic belles-lettres, Dust to Dust is a thorough exploration of the power metal aesthetic. Soaring and intense, Dust to Dust is a great find for power metal fans who're seeking something new and inspiring.

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