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red fang

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New Music

Kudos to the Adult Swim Singles series for constantly grabbing some killer metal tunes. Today, they unveil the groovy new track “Stereo Nucleosis,” and...


Featuring Inter Arma, Gatecreeper, Monolord, Full Of Hell, Exhumed, and more!

Latest red fang Music Videos

Music Videos

Red Fang continue their streak of phenomenal music videos with their new video for "Shadows," this time parodying Predator. They once again collaborated with...

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I was maybe a freshman in high school listening to an online radio station called Garage Monkey and a song called "Prehistoric Dog" came...

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Latest red fang Live Footage

Live Footage

The band jammed with CBS Orchestra leader Paul Shaffer on "Blood Like Cream"

Live Footage

Here's a full set from Red Fang's summer performance at France's Hellfest. Their new album, Whales and Leeches is out now

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