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Best of 2020

My favorite metal albums of 2020 are a mix of always reliable heavy hitters and remarkable up-and-comers who absolutely deserve more attention.

Best of 2020

Greetings folks, and welcome to another year-end list from the Weekly Injection guy. To the metals… These are the albums that I either returned...

Latest Haken Music Videos

Music Videos

Heavy Haken is killing it so far.

Music Videos

"They go about their day oblivious to the fact that they are mannequins living in a 1950s style 'Doom Town' experiment."

Music Videos

"It’s a very guitar heavy track with its roots in 80s thrash riffing."

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Despite some formulaic moments along the way, Virus improves upon virtually everything that gave Vector its identity.


Vector may disappoint slightly in spots but it’s nonetheless a majorly triumphant release.


Haken had no need to prove anything on this record. Their past few releases have been nothing less than monumental. I can't confidently claim...

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Live Footage

There also seems to be a teaser of new material at the end.

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