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You're a kid in northeast Minneapolis, and you hear the familiar ice cream truck jingle. The truck is nearby, and unlike most ice cream...

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Gorod, Uneven Structure, Cognizance, Frontierer, and more!

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Everything from death metal and funeral doom to alternative rock and djent.

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Music Videos

It looks like an old character selection screen from Mortal Kombat.

Music Videos

Ever wonder what Gorod close up is like?

Music Videos

Official video of "The Axe Of God" a new track from the album "A Perfect Absolution" featuring Mike Keene (The Faceless) with the second...

Music Videos

GOROD – Elements and Spirit taken from the album "A Perfect Absolution" AVAILABLE HERE: [link]

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Did Gorod write a masterpiece in six weeks?


Along with American juggernauts Cannibal Corpse and Sweden's Spawn of Possession, France's Gorod have helped finish off what has been one of the best...

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Live Footage

Hit up http://metalinjection.tv for hi-res versions of this video and many more br00tal videos

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