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Latest News

"Art needs to be created by actual flesh and blood"

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Plus releases from He Is Legend, Epica, Drudkh, L.S. Dunes, Puscifer, and Warkings.

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Music Videos

"It's the first time we are releasing an acoustic version before the actual album version."

Music Videos

Dutch symphonic metal masters Epica recently announced the release of their 8th studio album Omega, due out February 26th. Today, the band has released...

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Anyone who isn’t previously aware of Epica could easily step into the realm easily with The Solace System


Epica has truly crafted another masterful and brilliant work of symphonic metal in The Holographic Principle


Symphonic metal is one of the most artistic subgenres of metal. I feel like there’s a certain way it needs to be done in...

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