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Weekend Wrap Up

What's goings on junkies? If you can't tell, we have a new formatt going on here at METAL Injection. I posted a little about it in my first blog "Blaarrrg". I didn't go in detail about it but I posted that things will be brought in the forefront…so lets get to it.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS have released their EP "Legend" through a distro in the UK called Plastic Head. Or if you are impatient like me for the January release of it in the US, hit up iTunes and purchase that fucker for $4.95 at this location.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER frontman, Trevor Strnard, recently talked with about a bunch of different things…mostly about the truth and how fucking kick ass they truely are as a unit, the trio. Their superpowers actually are drawn from the orginiators of Death Metal – Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse, and English guru's Carcass.

Apparently DIMMU BORGIR has finished their album, no orchestra this time around either. They re-recorded their 1996 release "Stormblast" and released it in 2005…I don't know why they did that, seems like a step backwards from the success of their 2003 release "Death Cult Armageddon". Hopefully, they have progressed in the almost four year break…remember what happened to Metallica?!?!?!?


We'll see.

AMON AMARTH have posted a tour diary which will follow their European tour. Read about the Vikings here.

Finally OZZFEST has a survey online which asks you, the fans, about your perspectives and such of your Ozzfest experiences. In that survey you can pick METAL Injection as a site you visit regularly, make sure you help us out by check marking that. Its pretty awesome to be apart of a survey with so many other major players. Do complete that survey go here.

Right on, Im out guys. I'll do another one of these tomorrow!

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