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The DEAD ZONE's Best of 2007 Cont. – SWWAATS – Subhuman Empire

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Just a reminder for everyone reading these, the reviews I am posting are for the best in general, not in any particular order. In my humble opinion, these are the top releases of 2007. So far, DESPISED ICON and THE END have made it on the list. Now, you will read about the new pitt bulls on the block:

dr107Lets face it, "Subhuman Empire" is the best grind release of 2007. The band consists of members of another the extremely long name BODIES IN THE GEARS OF THE APPARATUS as well as former (and in some cases current) members of bands such as DEHUMANIZED, LEPROSY, and DIABOLIC. Immediately, people are turned off because of the mouth full of a name, but the band doesn't mind being called SWWAATS. Its fitting honestly, the band has a lot to say in a short period of time. Basically death metal and grind in over drive is the bands recipe.

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Clocking in at a short 12:58, SWWAATS blasts out political messages in the most chaotic manor in tracks such as "A Path (Death Traveled)", "The Agenda", "Partition Circus", and my favorite track "Cattle". Its odd to find a chaotic grind song in which you can find a catchy verse; however vocalist, John Collett, bellows out "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!" with a passion you can't help but want to decapitate something within' your reach.

There are two tracks entitled "For Eve Are (The Proud American Act I )" and "Human Animals (The Proud American Act II )" are not instrumental tracks but rather voice tracks with an eerie voice talking over effects. I don't know where or who the person is doing these tracks, but its creepy. It sounds like a whacked out politician with some sort of religious paranoia. Nevertheless, its a mind fuck.

The band as a whole write as seasoned musicians. Guitarists Aaron Haines and Ian Sturgill were both in BITGOTA together and its apparent, the two have amazing musical chemistry. Drummer Mike Petrak beats the fuck out like he's murdering someone with his fists and feet. The band lost a member since they formed in 2006, former bassist Chris Woodall. However Jesse Jolly has taken his place with his 7-string bass, from what I hear, its pretty amazing to watch him play live.

"Subhuman Empire" is technically an EP, however its an EP with monumental efforts. SWWAATS leaves you wanting more. It will happen since the band was recently signed to NUCLEAR BLAST. A full length will be out sometime in 2008. I am personally excited to hear how the band has evolved in the last year as well as how they will be influence. After all, it is election year. In the mean time, you "Cattle", pick up this release or its, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!".

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Listen To SWWAATS on Myspace.

Purchase "Subhuman Empire" herefor a low $7.99

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