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Show Review: INDUSTRIAL PUKE Made Their Debut In Gothenburg And It Was Brutal

At the Viva Sounds festival!

Industrial Puke
Photo by Mathias Coulouri / Coulouri Photography

All weekend throughout Viva Sounds, I got asked the same question – you're going to the Industrial Puke show on Saturday night, right? As if missing their debut show in their hometown of Gothenburg was an option. Of course I was going to see Industrial Puke, and when I did it completely annihilated me.

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For those unaware, Industrial Puke is vocalist Linus Jägerskog (Burst), guitarist and vocalist Jens Ekelin, guitarist Marko Partanen, bassist Erik Harald, and drummer Mattias Rasmusson (Gust, Disavow, etc.). The band recently released their debut EP Where Life Crisis Starts and to the best of my knowledge is working on more.

After local purveyors of thrash n' roll Leach warmed the place up, Industrial Puke took the stage at The Abyss bar on December 2 to introduce the world to their death metal-influenced brand of crust punk. Industrial Puke's set was nothing short of furiously energetic as the band ripped through a handful of songs, culminating in the performance of their fiery self-titled track featuring vocalist Jon Ekström (Dödsvarg, Slutavverkning, etc.).

Industrial Puke's set was relatively short (with hilarious between-song banter, I'm told – the Swedish was lost on me), but was an explosion of energy on full tilt without a single moment of reprieve. The fast parts were performed with a burning passion, the slow breakdown bits hit just as hard, and ultimately Industrial Puke proved to a small crowd in Gothenburg that they're ready to get out into the world and truly blow people away.

What I'm driving at is this – get into Industrial Puke. See them if and when you can. Listen to Where Life Crisis Starts at your earliest convenience, and then listen to it again. This band is absolutely going to keep growing and gaining attention, so you might as well get in on the filthy ground floor right now.

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