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Note to Self: Don't Accept Booze From Fat Mike

Note to Self: Don't Accept Booze From Fat Mike

While attending SXSW, there was one show I am sort of glad I didn't attend, and that is Cokie The Clown's performance. Cokie is the alter-ego of NOFX founder Fat Mike. While this is certainly not a metal band, I felt like this story is worth reporting. Pinpoint Music attended the show and had a very detailed writeup of what happened and it was not pretty. Between doing acoustic versions of NOFX songs, he would tell depressing stories about witnessing girls about to get raped, the incredibly weird deaths of his parents and milking a girl for a White Russian. These are all incredible stories worth reading in the write-up but the one I wanted to talk about was the overall story arc of the performance.

At the beginning of the set, Mike came out with a bottle of Petron and poured it into about 40 shot glasses. After kicking back a few himself, he passed them out to the crowd who gladly accepted them. He went through the bizarre set and then at the very end that's when the big reveal came:

As Mike finished his last song, he announced that he had a video that he had prepared especially for this evening. The mood in the building was completely fucked at this point. Upon instruction, his videographer hooked up the same camera he had been recording on the entire time to a 20-something inch TV that was positioned stage left. His camera man rewound through the entire footage to reveal a scene that occurred kitty-corner to the artist entrance of this venue. There, Mike was with his clearly visible naked dick filling a bottle of Patron Anejo, that started about 5/8 full to mask the taste, with piss. Without cutting away, the camera tracked with Mike, in full Cokie the Clown garb, as he corked the bottle, walked into the venue, and served it to the very crowd that now looked on in amazement. As the scene unfolded, some of the crowd cheered but most of us were too disturbed for emotion.

Wow! Talk about a prank. It's clear Fat Mike is not in a good place right now and needs some help. Perhaps we can start with not accepting booze from him.

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