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For the longest time, Sacramento was passed over by mid-level tours. We simply didn't have a place for them that was decent. Then came The Ace of Spades, and we began to get nice things, finally.

One of the nice things we got this year was ClutchThe Sword, and American Sharks.

I arrived just before the listed doors time to find a punk band already on stage. This band was the The Heathens. Having seen Clutch a number of times (7 now), I recognized a guitarist as one of as one of Clutch's roadies. The band was pretty cool, even though punk usually isn't my thing. I particularly enjoyed the band's attempt at a singalong during the last song "Fuck The Cops." Alas, the choir was minor that night.

Up next, American Sharks acted as the bridge between punk and metal while bringing all around good vibes. Their songs are short and punchy and because of this there is the illusion of a full set rather than an opening spot. The banter of bassist/singer Mike Hardin is well worth the price of admission. In between melting faces, he had a running bit that Kyle Shutt of The Sword was feeding him lines to say about the show being a benefit for Shutt's Titty Fever. Sounds stupid now, but it was awkward and hilarious then.

Following the gear switch and a didgeridoo intro, The Sword took the stage. I haven't seen The Sword in years and forgot just how well they write effective riffs that aren't terribly complicated.  Unsurprisingly, the band's set was mostly tracks from the two recent records Warp Riders  and Apocryphon. This left some fans around me a little upset when the band's set seemly ended abruptly following "The Veil of Isis." A man in the crowd literally asked everyone in his proximity "No 'Freya?!?' Can you believe that?" Considering the song had been on many recent setlists I looked up, I kind of can't. Anyway, it was a solid set of newer material and "Maiden, Mother, & Crone."

Finally, the lights go down and Chuck Brown's "We Need Some Money" feels the PA system. People are already dancing and feeling good. Then Clutch arrives and begins tearing through "Earth Rocker." Long beyond this album's tour, the band should still be opening with this song. It's perfect to start a set. The band played a majority of the latest record, which all went over well. Songs like "Unto the Breach," "Crucial Velocity," and even the acoustic track "Gone Cold" stand up really well next to classic songs. However, the crowd lost their minds for older tracks like "Texan Book of the Dead," "Escape From the Prison Planet," and one of my favorites "Profits of Doom."

This was actually my fourth time seeing Clutch this year (I never thought I'd be one of those guys, but looks I am), and this may have been the best set I saw them do of the four. There was the perfect balance of old and new, and the songs were ordered in a way though wouldn't be jarring.

If you have yet to convert to the church of Neil Fallon, see Clutch live, and if you're anything like me, do it often.

Peep the rest of Clutch's dates here.

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