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Vinyl Plant Accidently Presses Heavy Metal Band ZEX's Album On A-Side Of BEYONCÉ's New Album

Posted by on September 21, 2017 at 10:50 am

Beyoncé's 2016 album Lemonade was finally pressed to vinyl this month and distributed unto the masses, though that glass wasn't completely full. Instead, the A-Side of Lemonade was replaced by punkish heavy metal band Zex's A-Side of its album Uphill Battle. Columbia Records has since commented to Pitchfork, saying that anyone who bought the erroneous copies will be sent a replacement… though a Zex/Beyoncé seems like it'd be kinda cool, right?

Due to human error at the Celebrate Records plant in Germany, which Sony uses to manufacture vinyl, a small amount of the European run of the Beyoncé Lemonade vinyl included music from Canadian punk band, ZEX, on Side A. Beyoncé and ZEX were not aware of or responsible for the mispress. Fans who purchased the vinyl will be refunded and given a replacement copy. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

While it sucks for Beyoncé fans, Zex must be loving this free publicity. Check out the error-laden vinyl below, and also check out Zex's music. It's pretty good!

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