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Shocking Revelations

The 11 Most Shocking Reactions To CYNIC Members Coming Out As Gay

Shocking in how not shocking it is.

Shocking in how not shocking it is.

Yesterday, Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert spoke at length for the first time about being gay. Metalheads are usually stereotyped as knucklehead neanderthals so I was curious to see what the reaction would be like from fans about this development.

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Looking at the comments of our post, I was shocked to see comments like this:

MI-craig MI-trvor MI-focused MI-prejudice

I was very pleased to see some respectful comments on our site. So I thought maybe Blabbermouth's comments might be bad. This is what I found:

bb-frank bb-jesus bb-paulrumors

Well, that was a pleasant surprise.  How about on MetalSucks?

MS-matp MS-humanMS-devil

That last one made me chuckle. Indeed, a pleasant and shocking surprise to see how inclusive metalheads are. The next time somebody you know calls metalheads close-minded assholes, you send them this post. Today, I am proud to be a part of the metal community.

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