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Stormy Daniels Once Had Sex Under Vinnie Paul's Drum Riser While Traveling with PANTERA

Stormy Daniels has led quite the life.

Stormy Daniels has led quite the life.

There are two things that adult entertainer Stormy Daniels really likes – sex and heavy metal. And don't we all? While her name has reached a new level of prominence in recent months because of hush money paid to her by the current President's attorney to not talk about the size of his penis, which she ended up doing anyway – Stormy has been running the metal flag for quite a long time.

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Daniels was interviewed by All That Shreds, and notes she only dances to heavy metal and has been going to shows since she was a teenager. She also shared this amazing anecdote about how she became friends with members of Pantera:

I was feature dancing at a club in Florida, I mean several years ago I met Pantera. They’re my second favorite band of all time (Slipknot is her first). It was their guitar tech's birthday. So I brought him up on stage. This started an ongoing friendship with Pantera, and I spent a couple of weeks with them on tour. I had sex with a hot redhead under the drum riser as Vinnie was playing. It was sad when Vinnie Paul passed away as I was finishing the chapter in my book about Pantera. We’ve been friends for so long, and it was pretty hard.

Stormy also noted that her first concert was seeing Metallica when she was 17:

I just turned 17, and Metallica was playing on a weeknight. Nobody would go with me because their parents wouldn’t let them. So, I bought a ticket now keep in mind this is before GPS. I got a map and drove myself to the Metallica concert. I triumphantly made it. I changed in the parking lot as it wasn’t something you should wear in public. I went in, and it was general admission and was right up against the barricade in front of the stage for a kick-ass concert.

Daniels is promoting her new autobiography, Full Disclosure, where she talks about her life, including the part of her life that involved sleeping with a reality show contestant, who was cheating on his wife that just gave birth, and ended up fucking her without a condom and eventually went on to become the President of the United States of America.

Daniels, ever the filmmaker, announced she is directing the next music video for the metal band Red Tide Rising.

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