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STATIC-X Isn't Ruling Out Making New Music

Numbers-wise it does make sense for Static-X to at least try to carry on.

Static-X recently released their Project Regeneration Vol. 1 album and will soon finish up Project Regeneration Vol. 2. Both volumes feature music recorded prior to the death of vocalist and guitarist Wayne Static in 2014. Still, Static-X has been playing shows (even now) with new vocalist and guitarist Edsel "Xer0" Dope of the band Dope.

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So what happens after Project Regeneration Vol. 2 is released? Bassist Tony Campos said in an interview with Aftershocks Podcast it's up to the fans.

"I don't know, man," said Campos. "It's really up to the fans. If they wanna see us continue doing this, I'm not opposed to it. I still wanna go do other things. I'm working on another Asesino record right now. Right now, the goal is to finish Vol. 2. Once that's done, then we'll figure it out. We've got a couple of more shows on the books as of right now, but seeing the way things are going, those are probably gonna get canceled too. So, who knows? Everything's so up in the air right now, it's really hard to say anything with any level of certainty."

Numbers-wise it does make sense for Static-X to at least try to carry on. Project Regeneration Vol. 1 sold approximately 12,500 copies in pure sales in the first week of its release. For comparison, Static-X's final release with Wayne in 2009, Cult of Static, sold 19,000 units. So people definitely do care about this reunion. Though the question does become if people only wanted to hear more Wayne Static, or if they want to see the band actually continue.

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