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SHOCKER: OZZY Supports Legal Marijuana In America: "It's Only A Leaf"

Shocker – Ozzy is down with pot.

Shocker – Ozzy is down with pot.

After the seemingly endless stories of Ozzy Osbourne doing every single drug known to man and living to tell the tale, is it really surprising he's all for legal weed?

Outside the presidential election going on today, residents of California, Nevada, Arizona, Maine, and Massachusetts will be voting on whether or not to legalize marijuana. Furthermore, Florida, Montana, Arkansas, and North Dakota will be voting on medical marijuana. So go forth and heed the word of Ozzy Osbourne, as he makes known in an interview with Sirius XM.

"It's only a leaf. There's more poison in tobacco. The good thing about legalizing it is the people who grow it illegally, they don’t give a shit what they use to fertilize it. A dear friend of mine smoked that every day, he died of the worst throat cancer ever. But if it was governed by the government, they'd have deadlines: you can't mix this with that… You wouldn't get sick."

Ozzy also says he doesn't know who he'd vote for in the presidential race, and says if you're not sure who to vote for, then vote for the one you like marginally more than the other. Though I think the legal weed bit is a good enough takeaway, right?

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