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Robert Plant Tore Up $800 Million LED ZEPPELIN Reunion Contract

We are never going to get a Led Zeppelin reunion, ever.

We are never going to get a Led Zeppelin reunion, ever.

Robert Plant does not need money. At least that's what I assume after this weekend's rumor of the latest attempt to properly reunite Led Zeppelin.

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According to UK tabloid The Mirror, all three living members of the Led Zeppelin (which includes Plant, obviously, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones) were each offered £190million each before tax (aprooximately $301 million each) for 35 dates in three cities (London, Berlin and New Jersey). Drummer Jason Bonham, son of late original Zeppelin drummer John Bonham was on board to play the gigs and would be paid a smaller (but substantial) fee.

The deal was brokered by Virgin owner Richard Branson, who aimed to fly the band to all their gigs with his new jumbo jet which would've been renamed "The Starship."

Plant met with Branson, his bandmates and other suits where, according to the report, he literally tore up the contract saying it just wasn't the right thing to do. The report states there was a sense of shock in the room when he did that.

In addition to the absurd gig fee, there was another £70million (approx $110 million) in merchandising fees that would've been acquired but Plant just could not be convinced.

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In a world where everybody and their mother is reuniting for some sweet cashola, it's commendable that Plant chose to preserve the band's legacy while moving on with his own projects. But the selfish Zep fan in me is bummed that this will never truly happen.

The band reunited for one gig in 2007 at a memorial show celebrating the life of music executive Ahmet Ertegun. The performance was eventually released in 2012 as a live CD/DVD called Celebration Day.

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