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PHIL ANSELMO Admits He "Sucked" During Recent PANTERA Tribute

Spoiler: he was drinking and smoking!

Spoiler: he was drinking and smoking!

Last week, the internet went Pantera-reunion crazy after a clip emerged of Phil & Rex jamming with Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society on classic Pantera. That was until Vinnie Paul once again rained on the reunion parade, which is his right.

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But, with all the videos surfacing, some fans have questioned Phil's voice on some of these covers. Specifically this video right here:

Phil got wind of these comments and chose to respond accordingly. Commenting under the "Housecore Records" pseudonym, which leads to the official Housecore Youtube page, Phil explained why his voice was not up to par:

Dear lovers and haters!
I adore you all, and I must admit one thing here and now: my voice WAS FRIED!!!
Too many reasons to list here, but I did the Down set, waited an hour, drinking and smoking reasonably (hahaha!), and basically, I sucked…
I admit it completely– you are correct!
Go back and listen to the last MM4 or 5 (?) a year ago…
When I put my damn mind to it and commit, I can nail all these tunes, to a certain degree.
Forget "Cemetery Gates" type stuff.
But damn near anything post CFH is mine….
Thanks for the comments, and I wish y'all awesomeness in your lives!
Hail! Hail!
PHA '14 

I admire Phil's honesty here. He could've easily brushed it off, but he called a spade a spade.

[via Metal Hammer]

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