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Did One Of The BUTCHER BABIES Rupture A Boob Implant?

Some drama has hit the metal interwebs this morning, and you know I love some good metal drama. One of the Butcher Babies apparently ruptured a breast implant not too long ago according to a recent interview… but the band denied it ever happened.

It all started when ThePRP posted an excerpt from the new issue of Revolver magazine, which features an interview with the Butcher Babies.

You might recall, early in the life of the Butcher Babies, the two front-women would perform topless with tape over their breasts which they called a tribute to Wendy O. Williams of The Plasmatics.

If you went to see the band in the last year, you'd notice that both Heidi and Carla keep their shirts on now. Many people wondered if this was due to label pressure or what? Well, the topic is apparently discussed in the new issue of Revolver:

“In the early days of the band, Shepherd and brunette screamer Carla Harvey emulated their hero, Wendy O. Williams, by going onstage topless, with electrical tape X’s across their nipples. The outfit left little to the imagination and offered even less protection from frenzied mosh pits. “I broke a breast implant three years ago,” Harvey reveals. “It ruptured and there was a slow leak. I didn’t wake up one day with a Cyclops boob or anything, but I had to get them replaced, which sucks because I had to take six weeks off.”

Carla, the brunette, is the one with the ruptured implant. This led to Heidi, the blonde, posting a flat-out denial on her Twitter page writing:

“Who hasn’t been injured in a mosh pit?! Topless, however, was not the “attire” that year! #whomakesthiscrapup #facts?”

I do not have the new issue of Revolver to confirm or deny if the story is in there, but I trust that my good pal Wookubus wouldn't just make up an entire passage of a story to make headlines. Which makes me wonder why Heidi thought it would be a good idea to deny a story that is clearly in print. Why not go after Revolver? But also, who cares? What's the big deal? Fake boobs pop! Embrace it. It should've been used as the cover to the new album!

I will also say that in my brief interaction with the band at Mayhem Fest this summer while shooting episodes of Ask The Artist, they were actually some of the nicest, most down to earth people we met, which made me feel a bit bad for judging them for "" as they had in the past.

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