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Shocking Revelations

New Details Surface on Alleged Dimebag Darrell Grave Desecrators

Update: The vandal has issued an apology. See it here.

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News is traveling fast today. A few hours ago, we reported that the grave of Dimebag Darrell was vandalized. Initally, it was thought to be the vocalist of an unsigned band named Nuclear Hellfrost.

Members of Nuclear Hellfrost, clearly feeling the heat from a huge internet backlash released a statement distancing themselves from the incident, alleging it was the work of their now former vocalist. Here is their full statement:

The former vocalist's name is believed to be Reece Eber.

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Moments after posting the band's statement, our inbox was flooded with new information, including the above photograph which allegedly shows multiple members of the band flipping off a Dime mural and one simulating (or actually) urinating on it. Update: As multiple people have pointed out in the comments, the band in the above photo is allegedly San Antonio's Hod.

To add even more confusion to the story, the band's drummer, whose name is Andy Sanchez but goes by "Rob Banks" on Facebook had some disparaging things to say about Dimebag:


The band is not helping their case at all, and the witch hunt is out on them. Numerous Pantera fans have flooded the band's Facebook and if I was a member of the band, I would honestly fear for my life. The band better hope that Pantera's fans have more common sense than they do.

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