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LEMMY from MOTORHEAD Has Quite A Unique Post-Show Meal Request

Think of the typical sandwiches you would have, Lemmy is not interested in those!

Think of the typical sandwiches you would have, Lemmy is not interested in those!

Lemmy is one of the few metal icons left in the world. While he may have spent the better part of the year dealing with health issues, it seems all is good with Lemmy lately. The man might have had to make some changes in his diet in regards to smoking and drinking, but ultimately, Lemmy likes what he likes and he sticks with it.

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In a recent interview with Overdrive, Clutch frontman Neil Fallon shared a story about touring with Lemmy and the rest of Motorhead in the mid-'00s and how the menu for backstage catering was always exactly the same:

They had their own catering with them and they had this guy Richie with them who would cook just traditional English food, basically all sorts of brown food. Yorkshire pudding and Sunday roasts seven days a week. I gained 15 pounds on that tour. Lemmy’s after-show was always the same. You would get a choice of two sandwiches on white bread, cut triangularly and wrapped in cellophane. One was a cold backed bean sandwich and the other was an anchovies sandwich, I just though that he has probably been eating that for the last 50 years! He could have what ever he wants and he is just happy with that. Gotta love Lemmy.

Lemmy figures why bother changing a good thing? The same could be said about his music. Lemmy found a formula that works for writing damn catchy tunes and sticks to it. Three cheers for Lemmy!

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