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I Didn't Know Shirley Temple Black's Daughter Was Once In The MELVINS

Lori aka Lorax Black was joined the Melvins in the late 80s.

Lori aka Lorax Black was joined the Melvins in the late 80s.

Your parents (or possibly grandparents) are probably bummed today because American national treasure Shirley Temple Black passed away at the age of 85.

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Even more shocking to me was that her daughter, Lori was actually a member of the Melvins for a brief period. Metal Insider alerted me to the fact that Lori joined the band in 1987 under the alias of Lorax Black. She joined when Melvins relocated from Seattle to San Francisco. She began dating frontman Buzz Osbourne, and you can see in the above photo hung out with Melvins' pal Kurt Cobain here and there. Lori is credited on the albums Ozma, Bullhead and perhaps the Melvins' biggest commercial success, Houdini. Apparently, even though she's credited on that last album, Buzz Osbourne says she did not play on it.

Regardless, what a random story! I managed to find some video of the band performing with Lori. I wonder if her mom ever came out to any gigs:

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