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Humble ATILLA Frontman Says If His Next Album Doesn't "Blow The Fuck Up," He Will Quit

Posted by on April 15, 2013 at 2:28 pm

It's always exciting when a band who you've most likely never heard of starts acting really entitled. Such is the case with Atilla. The Atlanta deathcore band's frontman, Chris Fronzak, took to Twitter last night to boast about how great the new album is, and in the process came off like a total douche:

Speaking via his Twitter page, he wrote:

If our new album doesn't blow the fuck up, then I've officially lost faith in music and I quit ha. Real talk though. Go huge or I'm done. ✌

I just put too much time and effort into what I do for it to fail. I sacrifice seeing my family to make music for YOU. Think about that :)

Um, okay. Are we supposed to feel guilty that the dude would rather drink and party on the road than see his family? Is he really doing it for "us" or for his own need for fame? I think the answer is quite clear.

Ultimately, it's great that a musician is confident in their own work. I would hope a musician thinks their new material is good, otherwise why are they trying. But to come off this bratty, and for some reason make it as if the reason his band didn't blow up is due to "us" just seems ridiculous.

As one commenter on ThePRP pointed out, his lyrics aren't exactly Shakespeare:

“Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck do you think you are?!
You betrayed me this whole fucking time
I’m the baddest motherfucker in the building
So remember when it’s time for me to get my revenge
I will find your fucking bitch!
And fuck her, right in front of you…”

That's from their song "Payback," which I got through maybe 30 seconds of, because I was being nice.

Clearly, after ThePRP posted this over the weekend, Chris had a change of heart and realized how absurd his statements were and he released this retraction:

Sorry if anyone took my tweets last night the wrong way, lol. I'm just really confident in our new album. It's too fucking good.

And I was in a bad mood yesterday anyways, everything and everyone pissed me off. It was just one of "those" days. Thanks for the press PRP.

I'm a person just like you. We are all the same. I go through the same problems :)

Yea, I totally had the same problem, thinking if my post last week about Rockstars With No Teeth didn't blow the fuck up, I would quit blogging, but then I realized my mistake and that we were all humans and all had the same problems and then I was okay again.

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