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GHOST's Papa Emeritus III Lost A Dick-Measuring Contest To Pope Francis

Popa is packing!

Popa is packing!

You may recall that Ghost made plans to perform a show in Philadelphia the same day the Pope was in town. But, last month, Ghost announced they'd be forced to reschedule because of security restrictions, but turns out that wasn't the whole story. Things got heated, and the Pope and Ghost's Papa Emeritus III had to meet face to face, or perhaps, penis to penis.

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At least that's what A Nameless Ghoul told us in the interview we posted on here yesterday.

Metal Injection: Does the Pope fear Ghost?

A Nameless Ghoul: Well there was definitely a battle that was going on backstage, behind the scenes. I’m not sure if everybody knows about but do you know how they ended up solving it?

Metal Injection: No, how?

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A Nameless Ghoul: They had a penis measuring contest!

Metal Injection: A penis measuring contest? Between whom?

A Nameless Ghoul: Frankie and Papa III.

Metal Injection: So between the Pope and the Papa. So did "Frankie" have the bigger penis? Is that what you’re saying?

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A Nameless Ghoul: Apparently! So that’s how it ended and it’s not fun to say.

Metal Injection: Were you present for this?

A Nameless Ghoul: I was not. This was the last [straw]. They had to resolve this. Our Papa didn’t even know that Frankie was coming. He thought all of things going on around town was for [Ghost].

You learn something new every day! You can hear it for yourself in the entire insightful and often times hilarious interview we conducted with the Ghoul:

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